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Monongalia County Commission and Staff

The County Commission is the governing body of each county. Fifty-four counties elect three member commissions while Jefferson County is the only one with a five-member commission. One Commissioner must reside in each of the three Magisterial Districts — Eastern, Central and Western; however they are elected by all voters county wide. Commissioners hold their office for a term of six years and one Commissioner is elected every two years. In January, they choose one of their members to serve as President. Their salary is set by the State Legislature in the West Virginia Code according to the size (class) of the County.

Monongalia County is a Class I county, therefore each Commissioner is paid $41,396 per year.

County Commissioners, by law, must be bonded with an amount not less than $20,000 nor more than $200,000.

Tom Bloom was elected as the Commissioner representing the Western District, meaning he resides to the west of the City of Morgantown. His first term began on January 1, 2013. Mr. Bloom is associated with the Monongalia County Board of Education as a coach of the girl's tennis team.  He serves on many boards and authorities as a Commissioner and an individual. 

Eldon A. Callen serves as the representative of the Central District which means he is from the general area of the City of Morgantown. His first term began on January 1 of 2011. Commissioner Callen is a local attorney at law outside of his duties as Commissioner.  He serves on various boards. 

Dr. Edward A. Hawkins serves as the representative of the Eastern Magisterial District. He resides in the area east of the City of Morgantown. Dr. Hawkins was first elected to serve a term beginning on January 1, 2015. He is a retired dentist after 40 years with the Morgantown Dental Group.  Ed serves on various boards both individually and as a Commissioner. 

The Commission is considered to be the employer of all county employees even those hired by another elected official. All employees are to be brought before the County Commission during a regular meeting for formal approval.

A small staff of four work directly under the County Commission:

Diane DeMedici has been employed by the Monongalia County Commission since 1975 and has served as their secretary, Administrative Assistant and currently holds the position of County Administrator. Her job is to manage the office on a daily basis, handle correspondence and requests from the press, liaison to the public, prepare draft budgets for the Commission’s review and approval and all other day to day operations. In addition, she serves as the secretary to the Abandoned and Dilapidated Property Enforcement Agency.

Rennetta McClure is the Commission’s Grant Coordinator and Assistant County Administrator. She has been employed by the county since 1995 and handles all grants that pass through the office. All financial reports and requests for reimbursements are processed by Mrs. McClure. At the present time she is monitoring seventeen federal grants, nine state grants and three grants from other funding sources.  Additional duties include assisting the Commissioners when necessary. 

Bob Doyle, Director of Facilities, has been with the Commission since 1990. He is responsible for all county owned buildings and grounds. Bob and his staff of seven provide general maintenance but also are skilled at general construction for larger projects. He serves as the manager and overseer of the County’s Motor Pool, the Canine Adoption Center and the Litter Control Office.

Anthony Giambrone serves as the Coordinator of Parks and Recreation and a liasion to the senior centers.  He oversees the superintendents of Camp Muffly, Chestnut Ridge Park and the Mason Dixon Historical Park.  Mr. Giambrone is also involved with the recycling program.